Products and Services

Keystone Rail Recovery stocks all sizes of rail in different grades. We have a large inventory of tie plates and joint bars to match our rail.  We offer new spikes and nuts and bolts and even stock new joint bars. 

Keystone Rail Recovery offers a sorting service. We are located near a reroll mill and have relationships with local foundries and scrap mill.

Keystone Rail Recovery offers a few ways for its customers to get the best pricing for their material. Customers can ship their material and we will sort their rail for scrap/ reroll and relay. We then can buy these grades or process and stock this material for our customers' orders. Keystone Rail Recovery also buys scrap / reroll and relay rail and OTM. 

Keystone Rail Recovery also does rail change-out and rail abandonment. We are RAILSafe Certified for all on-track work.